Wednesday, 27 January 2010

专访YB曾亚英国会议员 Interview YB Tan Ah Eng, Member of Parliament





YB Tan Ah Eng, Member of Parliament
Wanita MCA Vice Chairman

“Serving the community is an important channel for Members of Parliament, State Assemblymen/Assemblywomen, District and Municipal Councillors and village heads in monitoring the government and supporting the implementation of government policies. Through community service, we are able to bring the benefits of government policies directly to the people.

Although some consider that a Member of Parliament should not get too involvedin serving the community to the extent where one is labelled as “a Longkang MP”, as a Member of Parliament myself, I think that community service is an effective way for us to get close to the people and understand their problems and woes. Only through this will, we have a solid basis to present our case during deliberations on government policies in the Parliament and convey our messages effectively.

We must be always mindful of the needs of the people. If we can help the people address their problems with such an approach, we will be able to withstand any test posed by any major challenges with the support of the people.”

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